lunes, 28 de noviembre de 2011

Mujeres Juezas en Sudafrica

Hace un par de semanas, por iniciativa de la Profesora y amiga, Beatriz Kohen, directora del Programa de Género y Derecho, proyectamos en la Facultad de Derecho de la Universidad de Palermo la película documental "Courting Justice" o "Cortejando a la Justicia". Contamos con la presencia de la realizadora del film, la encantadora Ruth Cowan. Ruth me pidió que escribiera algo sobre la película en línea con mis comentarios al finalizar la proyección. Esto es lo que escribí:

"Courting Justice helps us understand the huge challenge South Africa’s judges faced after the collapse of the apartheid regime. It is evident that they were aware of the enormous responsibility they had to advance the belief that the new constitution was not only ink on paper, but a reality that could improve their lives.

The opening scene of Courting Justice features the Constitutional Court building, the very architecture of which conveys the court’s:transparency and accessibility. It is open to all including the school children we see, who are curious about the work done there.

One among the many challenges for this Court was and continues to be establishing and maintaining its own legitimacy. Courts, as Alexander Bickel said, are the least dangerous branch of government. They lack the power of the purse and the sword. Their legitimacy is constructed through each of their decisions , the arguments they offer to justify them and the connections these decisions have with improving the lives of the country’s citizens . Its legitimacy is also rooted in the diversity and the reputation of its members, as well as in their life experiences and commitments to justice and democracy. With each decision , the future of the new democratic regime, the credibility of the constitution itself and the hope of people in a better future are at stake."

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